Creating The ill Mind of Hopsin 5

Mike Evans/ Jay Brown (Wireside Productions):
Ryan Pinkall:

This past week or so has been absolutely amazing for myself, Wireside productions, and Hopsin. Our new video, “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5” went instantly viral and has the internet and world going crazy- here’s a little inside look at how it all came about.

Setting up the slider rig with Jay Brown and Mike Evans of Wireside Productions

Myself, Jay Brown, and Mike Evans arrived in LA only a few weeks ago, looking for as many projects as possible to work on while here until the middle of August. Last week i decided to give Hopsin a call and tell him i was down here and if he needed help with anything let us know. Lucky timing, because he told us he was shooting the ill Mind of Hopsin 5 video later that week, and that he needed help.

Myself operating the camera during the shoot for the “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5”

We all met up a couple days later and immediately got to work on putting together a shot list and brainstorming some other ideas. Hopsin already had the whole concept planned out, as well as a rough version of the song recorded. We listened to the song a few times, while each of us came up with our own elements to add to the video. After all confirming our ideas, myself, jay and mike returned to our UCLA dorm to finalize the shot list, which we did until roughly 4 am.


After we had the shot list, we started thinking about how the set should be arranged. Hopsin himself had already painted the walls, put up posters, lights, and props all over the place, now we just had to plan out where the characters would be and arrange it accordingly.

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On the first day of the shoot, after renting out equipment such as a slider dolly and steadicam vest, we made our way to the set to meet up with the actors. I’ll admit i was a little nervous going into our first shoot without meeting the actors, but they all did a fantastic job under Hopsin’s direction. The first day lasted around 13-14 hours- we entered the set while it was bright out int he daytime, and left when the son was rising the next morning. Most of us hadn’t seen light the whole time, as the set was completely dark inside.

Myself, Jay, and Mike took turns shooting, with them providing many of the twisted POV shots that gave the video a more eery feel. I acted as the main Cinematographer and Director of photography. The brilliant team of Jay and Mike, aka Wireside Productions, handled the beautiful lighting as well as co-directing and some cinematography.

With the video immediately going viral, we hit the 1 Million view mark in less than 24 hours. Followed by 2 million at 2 days, 3 million at the 3 day mark, and 4 million at the 4 day mark

The second day of shooting lasted around 12 hours, and only consisted of solo shots of Hopsin.

When it came down to the edit, with Hopsin as the ring leader, we all sat around a monitor in our UCLA dorm room for a few days getting it right.

Myself, Hopsin, Mike Evans and Jay Brown

The whole video was a team effort, and with nobody being assigned a specific role it made things a whole lot easier to work together. Unlike most cases where the production team is working with an artist as a client, all four of us came together and made it happen. Hopsin really knows his stuff when it comes to videos and was extremely easy to work with. We look forward to working with him again in the future while we are still in LA!

By the morning after its release, the ‘Ill mind of Hopsin 5″ video was trending on twitter in the U.S.

After a brief period of trending on Twitter in the United States, the Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 video was trending worldwide

Datpiff was one of the many big name sites who showed our new video love

Chamillionaire re-posted our video

XXL another one of the many sites to re-post the video

Hip-Hop DX

The single was at #11 for a while on the iTunes charts, along with being named one of the hottest singles

“Ill Mind of Hopsin 5” also ended up on the home page of Reddit

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