Ryan James Pinkall

Born 1/18/93


Early Life:

I’ve been living and breathing film since the age of ten years old, around the time I made my first batch of short films after attending a summer camp for Digital Film. Stories from that era include an elf who gets laid off from the north pole by none other than Santa himself, a secret agent who must save the world from an eviI genious (who sported a unibrow, cape, and all,and happened to be myself), music video concepts that are too far back to even remember, and countless others. I started using Final Cut around that same age, while at the same time experimenting with music composition in programs like Soundtrack. At this time, my mother’s sony handheld camera had officially became part of me, bringing it everywhere, documenting absolutely every second I could.

Needless to say, I grew up viewing the world through the lense. And my natural ability and joy for writing definitely kept me constantly conjuring up new plots and ideas. Around the fifth grade, I also took Piano lessons, which led me to try other instruments down the road, such as lessons on the electric guitar, and also saxophone and choir in the elementary school band. My passion for music eventually lead me to the world of engineering, mixing, mastering, and hip-hop production, locking myself in my home studio for up to 6 hours at a time without taking a break, hungry to learn as much as I possibly could.

Recent years:

After at first learning music production on programs such as Soundtrack, Reason, and Garage Band, I quickly realized that was not the sound I admired, classic old-school hip-hop. I quickly made the switch to sampling from Vinyl, and studied the art of chopping samples on various MPC’s. At the same time, I continued studying, practicing, and developing my passion for video, constantly writing and shooting on a regular basis, mostly centered around, but definitely not limited to, music videos.


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